Share your Markdown documents and make them look good while doing so!


  1. Create a gist over at GitHub. Public or private does not matter. But make sure to give it a filename ending in .md.

  2. Note the Gist ID. For a public Gist it's simply a number. For a private Gist it's a hash, e.g. a9cbbcb656bf0110a35b. If you're not sure where to find the Gist ID check out the screenshot below.

  3. Point your browser to http://draft.sx/<your-gist-id>, e.g. http://draft.sx/a9cbbcb656bf0110a35b for the example above.

  4. Get a ☕ or something 🎉


For an overview of what formatting options draft.sx currently supports, check out this example post. To see the Markdown source for any post, just click on the Gist ID on the top of the page.

It's broken!! :(

Please let me know on GitHub